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the incidence of a deficient encounter in a tramstation in Vienna
en encounter in Turkish, involving beautiful cucumbers
"you won't be able to find beatiful, crunchy cucumbers here in Vienna," she tells me.
"come at 6 o'clock; i will give you cucumbers for free"
"that day i mentioned the name of allah many times; that's how i fiound these beautiful cucumbers," she tells me.
8 in the morning.

the bag that shouldn't be there
the cucumbers that shouldn't be in the bag
the imam's advice
the encounter that shouldn't have happened:
you don't talk to strangers, right?

the images will follow soon. check back in JAnuary 2011.

November 2010, Lust Gallery, Wien / Kasim 2010, Lust GAleri, Viyana
Performans (video animasyon, pazar cantasi, salatalik tursusu)
performance (video animation, shopping trolley, pickled cucumbers)