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After the Gezi protests, I was invited to join a group of artist-academicians to start a Faculty of Fine Arts in Mardin (southeast of Turkey by the Syrian border). A process of "re-situation" began.

That was during the peace process. In time, the “PeaceProcess” recessed back into "conflict". Simultaneously, the process of Re-situation started a chain of visible and invisible reactions. Transformation shook us up. The "I" became the "we". The "we" stepped back into the "I".

"Gaps" of various characters summoned us to re-consider relations and inter-relations. To re-consider the meaning of it all.

That was in 2013*.

jump from the west of the Republic of Turkey to the southeast! this jump, was possible due to an encounter with the grasshopper. the grasshoppers both in africa and in turkey said jump! and the irrational and the unconventional side of me surrendered

I signed the petition for peace. What did not kill us changed us...

The critical distance needed to deal with the affects of repression (various types of traumatic memory)... I needed that in the first move. I needed that again on the move back. Yet directions are not linear. There is no back. No forward. Within and all around.

Friendship, dialogues and re-discovering what we valued kept us alive, up and awake. Helped us work through repression.

Bearing witness to the Kurdish/Turkish situation was the apparent trigger that started various doses of both willing and forced "interrogations". We questioned our positions such as as
- “invador”, “local”, “foreigner”, “visitor”, “saviour”, “victim”, “scapegoat” ....
-“consumer”, “producer”
-“a rational being”, “an irrational being”
-an artist, an academician, the teacher, the ignorant schooolmaster
-“a drop of water”, “stardust” and such.

Is it impossible to communicate with one another?
(burnt trees, dead animals, stones, a rock, the wind of the northest point in Turkey, a poet long dead,etc.)

When the climate is suffocating, how do we breathe? If the ENTITY is an entitiy that naturally breathes, if that entitiy is alive and biologically functioning, that entitiy by itself breathes.

Sometimes an entitiy is UNABLE to feel the ALIVEness. Unable to feel its own PRESENCE. its own ENTITY. its own BECOMING.

At that point, there is either resistance (to trauma), or trauma (depression, repression )...

Constructing situations to break the routine -like situationists- arise as a need to do something to raise the energy and to feel alive in a geography and in a climate that was suffocating.

As by 2018, I moved back to Istanbul. I continue teaching in Mardin. Such a position! We are on air!

(the part above is re-read and updated: end of 2018 february. the rest was updated 2018 january.)

I further open up my artistic and academic practice with workshops that question the politics and poetics of “where we are”, and the possibility of changing the positioning that are already defined for us in advance.

“Nature knows no political boundaries.” is my current motto.

That is why I have been collborating since 2012 with two researchers from the faculty of BOTANICS at IStanbul University to document the transformation of ALFRED HEILBRONN BOTANICAL GARDEN in time and in relation with politics steering towards negotiations and conflict. (In my first large scale installation regarding how authorities intend to LOSE this SECRET GARDEN on purpose, among with dried plants and seeds I collected from the garden, I also placed a handmade banner that wrote: “don’t TOUCH my village, my earth, my SEED.” As I keep revisiting the same Botanical Garden, a third space forms in between, which may allow for change to happen.

The state of CARE in contrast to the state of ANXIETY is valuable... Every breath matters. In and out. Give and take. Prepare your filters. Hold onto your core. Be mindful, get rooted. Eat your beets; keep the pink on your cheeks...

on the plane:

futility/possibility of "true" encounters

turning the limits we encounter into chances to meet one another.

the presence of entities
the affect
the sound, the smell, the touch, the sight, the taste of it all.

futility/possibility of transformation
futility/possibility of another future
futility/possibility of trauma (due to loss, violence, depreession, repression, suppression) to turn into a life force.
futility/possibility of re-membering
futility/possibility of re-membering
futility/possibility of re-imagining
futility/possibility of re-feeling

Intuition challenges the document.