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Offshoots (exiles) of Charred Olive Trees

Wood, glass, brass, leather
İmbros / İstanbul, 2017

Evrim Kavcar's work was shaped around the desire to listen to the pieces of olive trees burnt from his torso, which she met on İmroz. This piece, which is one of the many that were burnt, embodies the memory of İmroz. Uplifted by tilted stilts, it becomes a water pipe that lacks its forcefully disappeared essence. With broken glass fragments liquefied at high temperatures, it is exhibited along with a brass bell (found on the same island during a walk with Halil*). The single rusty nail in the bell is ready to inspirit the memory with a touch.

*With the hope that this piece heartens a collaboration with Halil Yalman, a dear friend who introduced the artist to the trees burnt from the inside out.

*glass casting: Glasst. Tülin Yiğit Akgül Glass Studio

*brass casting: Doğan Ergen studio