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Mardin, southeast of Turkey.
Surp Hovsep (St Joseph) Armenian Catholic Church,
the wall facing north.

the cuts along the wall sometimes grow deeper.
the wounds are visible. the wounds face north. they face the passer-byes of the street.
the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.
the cuts are repaired; and then they are wounded again.
a process of continuous repair and repeated damage.
the embodiment of an ongoing "conflict" in the neighbourhood and in the "area."
between different ideologies, religions, and interests. a conflict of interests.

this witnessing site triggers the gesture of facing the wall and closely tracing it.
during the hours and days of tracing, passer-byes comment on both the tracing and the
ongoing destruction of neighbouring towns and lives at that time. these external and internal
comments are jotted down. the direction that these notes face are also noted, stated on the scroll.
yes, the tracing becomes a scroll that moves from right to left. (the action can be repeated.)

(the wooden butterfly that enters the picture is a present from a neighbouring craftsman to keep me company. as i would later learn: "butterfly medicine protects sacred power places and facilitates transformation".)