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the wind, multilayered installation & performance, Sinop, 5th Sinop Biennial

main piece:
propeller made out of wooden window blinds and a variety of re-purpose material, sound system operated by wind energy, sound recorded on a microchip

other layers:
performance with the "wind"
documentary short video regarding the "transformer studio"
handmade tools

“Wind” is a handmade wind turbine made up of re-purposed materials. It produces energy enough to make a line from Sabahattin Ali’s poem “Wind” to be heard when the wind blows. At the same time, it is a tool both to activate and unravel the informal, cooperative and quick-witted character of the underground practice of a handful of repairmen ready to undertake such project to be completed in four days. After its production, the artist walks with "the wind" in the city, revealing the streets' relation to the winds. Finally it finds its place on a found / ready-made pole that had been installed to secure a motorcycle from strong winds at the top of a hill open to winds from all directions. It is produced as part of The 5th edition of Sinopale–International Sinop Biennial. It is a gesture in favor of the wind but against the nuclear plant that is planned by the Turkish government to be installed in Sinop. A personal curiosity is transformed both into a collective production and a creative dialogue that promises continuity.

“Wind! To you and only to you I shall resemble”*
*A line from Sabahattin Ali’s poem “Wind” dated 1931. The poem is included in the book “Mountains and Wind” published in 1934. Another poem that had caused Ali to be prisoned in Sinop was also published in this book.