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we take one of the panels that make up the "walls" of the school. children chose Eshraf's (age 12) story where he builds a boat and takes all his friends and leaves Uganda. We start to paint.

Each time children need to negotiate. There is a thin line between a quarrel, a fight and a painting. Power relations are exposed. "You painted my bird yellow! I want it to be red!" Each time we stop and they talk about it. They come up with possibilities. The sky, the animals, the colors of the boat, the state of the sea. Imagination is at process. Their individual needs and characters are on the table. Identities clash. Conflicts are on the surface. The painting process itself, the creation of a scene is celebrated by all while each knows her part.

Each time we need to negotiate, we make a shot. These shots come together to make a stop motion.
(Kampala, Uganda, East Africa)