Evrim Kavcar, 2010
an urban intervention (a play on language & uncertainity )
turning a disfunctional fountain (used as a garbage can) into a wish-fountain
(strategy: making use of the "culture of uncertainity" inherent in the TUrkish language.)

Commonality of the Turkish words like "nasip", "kismet", "hayirlisi ", "insallah" (having meanings such as one's share of things, luck, destiny, if God wills) is a sign of a fatalistic society or a sign of an uncertainty that we are soaked up in. It can point to the ability to let go after doing what you can, as well as to laziness or an attempt to end a tiresome dialogue. The language embodies methods of survival in uncertain situations. how to live with uncertainity? how to survive the uncertain?

However, the words like "maybe" (belki) or "we'll see" (bakariz) might be parallel with a state
of "considering the options" or to "a state of postponement".

As part of the exhibition called "Ability to Face the Uncertain," you can read three of
these words (which we use while dealing with or running away from uncertainties)
as stamped on pieces of clay that I have placed in the unused Fountain of Serdar-
Ekrem Street: "one's share,"kismet/destiny," and "maybe." Before the intervention with a
thousand little pieces of clay, this fountain contained two pieces of wood beams full of rusty
nails together with garbage. Garbage is the unwanted. Mud and dust is also associated with
dirt and must be cleaned. This is exactly why the mud pieces are not fired. As the clay dries,
it is going to be filled with the dryness of the unattended fountain. Dry or wet, you may take
a "maybe", a "nasip" or a "k smet". There is also one piece with another word. I wonder who
took that one...

Installation/intervention, stamped pieces of clay, 1000 pieces,
Serdar- Ekrem Sokak Fountain by the wall of Dogan Apartment, GAlata, Istanbul

yerlestirme, camur üzerine damga, 1000 adet, Serdar- Ekrem Sokak Cesmesi,
Do?an Apartman duvar /

"nasip", "k smet", "hayirlisi", "insallah" gibi sözlerin dilimize yerlesikligi, iligimize islemis bir
belirsizlik halinin yan?s?ra, toplum olarak kaderciligin ya da tevekkülün göstergesidir. Geregini
yaptiktan sonra akisina birakma yetenegine de isaret edebilir, tembellige ya da bitmeyecek
bir diyalogu sonlandirma çabasina da. "Belki" ya da "bakariz" gibi kelimeler ise, inanç ile
iliskili bir gelenegin disinda, mantiga basvuran bir "ihtimalleri düsünme" ya da erteleme haline
denk gelebilir.
"Belirsizlikleri Gögüsleyebilme Gücü" sergisi kapsam nda, Serdar- Ekrem Sokak Cesmesi'ne
yerlestirdigim çamur parçalar üzerinde, belirsizliklerle bas ederken ya da basimizdan
savarken kullandigimiz kelimelerden üçünü belki okuyabilirsiniz: "nasip", "k smet" ve "belki."
Çamur parçalardan önce, bu çesmenin içi, pasl çivili iki adet kalas ve çöp ile doluydu. Çöp,
istenmeyendir. Çamur ve toz da kir ile özde?le?tirilir, temizlenir. Tam da bu nedenle, çamur
parçalar pismemistir. Kurudukça, akmayan çesmenin kurulugu ile dolacakt r. Kuru ya da
yas, belki, bir nasip ya da kismet alabilirsiniz. Farkl bir kelime de var. Onu bulan merak
ediyorum. Bulan olduysa...